Your kiss Lyrics

Song Year: 
Afro Soul



[Verse 1]
Kissin' you is all that I been thinking of
Kissin' you is good
Don't matter who knows
I don't care who sees me
And thinking about you makes my life complete
And what I mean by that
That my whole world changes
You make me feel things that I never felt
I wanna kiss you

Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you

When I'm with my friends
I'm trying to figure out a way
To leave 'em behind just to get back to you
Oh, you're my best kept secret
And that's the way I like it
You're my pride and joy boy
That's why I'm dreaming of you
I wanna kiss you

Kissing you's so good

[Verse 2]
You're my pride and joy
You're my baby boy
People ask me how I feel about you
They ask me if I love you (yeah)
Am I crazy for you (yeah yeah yeah)

Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you

Yeah, yeah, yeah (x3)
Kissing you is so good
Yeah, yeah, yeah (x3)
Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you

I been thinking 'bout you, dreaming 'bout you, thinking about, you yeah, why yeah

Oh kissing you is so good
Got to have it, have your love that's all I'm thinking of