Write of Passage Lyrics

Write Of Passage
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



It’s so simple, with this third one there’s no intro/
I’d rather use the space to place more info/
Replace all interludes to lace more singles/
To raise the standard that’s going down this ain’t limbo/
I’m like a modern day Bo Jangles/ A jockey in a race-horse stable/
Just waiting for them to say go/
A chef at a main course table/ Heads are at their place-holds/
Just waiting to get fed a plate-full/
I read a page full/ like bread I break for the faithful/
Set of angles/ I bring the message like Gabriel/
I stay real/ ignore what’s on the radio/
It it’s all a game then your brain is my playing field/
I love performing, the way stage feels/
I enjoy it a great deal/ plus the few coins to help pay bills/
I ride this line an 8-wheel/ my verses may feel/
Essential and beautiful brother like Curtis Mayfield/
This is my right of passage/ more that tryina write a passage/
And way more than tryina write a classic/
It’s not quite your average/
More that tryna hype the masses/ with ice and fashions/ or how nice some ass is/
It’s twice that is/ more that writing chapters/
Of punchlines and line for line rhyme patterns/
No make-up guy no camera, lights, no action/
Just the naked eye capturing life as it happens/
Biographic/ take you back like chiropractors/
More than fighting for the title of the tightest rapper/
Burn that, strike a match and let’s rise from the ashes/
In the heat we can re-shape it like a blacksmith/
Type of passion to incite masses/ to revive has-beens/
To re-grab their mics and get back in/
It’s more than what you might’ve imagined/ what is likely to happen/
Is you grow when I’m writing this passage/
This is my right of passage/ I’m not a self-rightous cat/
I’m just tryina help right the past/ which left quite a damage/
The difference is I fight with language/ I’m not conscious I just strike a balance/
Which is quite a challenge/ considering what it’s like in this rap-biz/
They fit us all inside this package/
It’s either you’re broke and struggling your life is anguish/
Or your doe is doubling you life is lavish/
And you’re so in trouble if your life is average/
Cause then they claim you’re not real and what write is wack kid/
Even though each line is crafted/ each rhyme is mastered/
Even though each album’s classic/
Even though you recite and practice/ you re-write the wack bits/
Even though your freestyles is phat kid/
Meanwhile I’ve decided that/ it must be due to the fact/
That they don’t read the right passage/

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