Without You Lyrics

Snow flakes in the sun rise
Won't have a second chance
Only God knows where they go

The tears in my eyes
Haven't seen the light of day
Only God knows who will
Save my soul today

You may walk
You may breathe without breathe without me there
But you can't deny the truth
No one will love you like I do
I can't walk and I can't breathe

Without you

Had days ahead of me
I thought I'd never see again
Hard having to face you
If this is the end
I hate you but I love you
For the joy you've given me
But the joy is now pain
And it won't be the same
Cuz you've gone and broken my heart



I remember holding you forever
And you took me through my darkest hour
Hive me one more chance its now or never
I'm half without a whole
I'm an incomplete soul

Without you