Wheel Don't Turn Lyrics

The Way Back
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When karma doesn’t work
The way that it should
Nice guys finish last
That’s just the way that it works

When you get turned down
By someone you loved and they're gone
When you find out they never loved you at all

I don’t know where you gone now
It’s a lonely road far from home
Out of my reach
I couldn’t see
The wheel don’t turn at least not for me

I just step back
I just let it slide
You never showed up
It was no surprise
When your happy with some other proof
Our love worked for me, but not for you

There’s still so much to do and so much to say
There were days that I wished it all away
But everything feels the same these days
I was just another game you played whenever you had time

The hard way we learn
That the wheel don’t turn

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