We are one lyrics




Celebrate, celebrate humanity
And when you love, love unconditionally
Better world begins with a smile
Go out and give it a try
I pray that as soon as you hear this song
You feel the wave of love
And that you'll reach out 
And spread love like a soaring dove
That pure love that comes from above
Without peace, love and happiness 
We won't survive
May the good lord continue 
To bless you (Jesus Christ) 
And those around you
Know that he loves you, yeah
That is why we say
We will never be apart 
If we find it in our heart to...
Peace. Love. Happiness 
Is what we need
We calling all the nations
And everyone from every different races
Stand up and make some changes
For a better human nation
Show compassion, lend your hand
It might not be easy but I know you can
Divided we fall but together we all stand
Love thy neighbor, treat him like your brother
Phila nawe. ngob' ixesha lifutshane
Ncuma nawe ngoba uyazi wena umhle
Masibambaneni sincedane
Masithandaneni because
We are one
(Because) we are one
We are one (Because x2)
We are one x2