We Are To Be lyrics (feat. Kaylow)

Soul Meditation
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I wish I was an angel
To wrap my wings around you all the time
Protect you from all danger
Your heart will never break
Let me be your soldier
Against an army I will stand
If I was your pillow
You'd have the sweetest dreams
suli izinyemezi
Ukhokhe umoya darling
Angeke ngikushiye
Umtana [...?]
And when you wake up in the morning
You'll smell the breakfast there on the table
I will never leave you, lonely
I will always be your friend
You are the greatest love I have
As the kingdom tries to have you [...?] you are my queen
You are the light that shines upon my [...?], this hour
And I believe in everything we are to be (Hey baby)
The way you make feel inside it has got me going crazy, baby
Every time you call my phone I get excited girl I misbehave ( oh hey yeah)
And to hear your voice inside my head, saying you love makes my day
I will never hurt your heart, I promise I will keep you safe ( oh hey yeah)
I wanna thank my mom, and thank you dad because you raised an angel
I will never let you go , cos you are what I prayed for
When you wake up in the morning, you will find your break
I will never leave you lonely, baby don't you worry
Baby don't you waste your time on trying to find another
Cos I will be there when you call me
baby don't you leave me, yeah yeah
Let me be your friend
Let me be your friend
Let me be your friend, baby

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