Wayza Lyrics


Acceptance Speech
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Yeah, we having those parties, those lounge setup’s fela daar ko makhaya daar 
where you just welcoming everybody who’s been gone 
Ba bangwe ba boile gotswa Jozi, Pirara, Mdubaba, Kurara, overseas 
We all just lounging ko morago 
This is how we’re going to do it check 
Re jele easy…(Hey yo le etsang?) 
Chitse le mpinji tsa ko Wayza, Wayza, Wayza, Wayza 
Re je easy…(hear me out we like le etsang?) 
Chitse le mpinchi tsa ko Wayza, Wayza, Wayza, Wayza 
Listen from gauteng to Lefika majeng 
To the biggest gathering mo lapeng 
Mo tlung ke beile pitsa ya mateng 
Ba batle botlhe; Busang, Steve White, bo Ntefang bateng 
It’s that time that I pop booze wee 
To manyora ame dintshang? Dan niggaz hoe voel jy? 
JM, L.L cool J, Mshi le bo Mkhuze 
Dude skaars like a thick gold chain 
Puffing on a Towdee bakae tje 
Everything be slow-mo nkare some bro pressed replay 
Wherever I’m at ag’iweng 
Come and watch me killing mo’ black parties than the AWB 
You’s about to find out why we care 
Why maftown throws the best parties through the whole weekend 
Letlhogonolo wearing Celtics gear 
Le bo Bonolo over here wearing L.E.V.I wear 
Bakang farm set the atmosphere 
People dancing on the corn fields nkare re ko Zimbabwe 
Now mad props to the team I’m with 
To this beat I spit the whole truth to the streets that’s it 
Re jele easy 
[Ba chaele botlhe reetsang] 
Re chitse le mpinji tsa ko Wayza, Wayza, Wayza, Wayza 
[O ska tla mona ka go shaika le-khekehe ntombi 
Nna ke ipatlela black ya mbombi 
I got a whole lotta cash on me and ke gaile lejeje Oom piet] 
Re jele easy…[eh yo leetsang?] 
Chitse le mpinji tsa ko Wayza, Wayza, Wayza , Wayza 
Dmos le Lemonka on the decks re gafe 
Groupie honeys bare re bafe, broken hearts re di alafe 
And in the background go tshameka Here We Stand Morafe 
Now we’re hungry, everybody is eating from one plate 
Go jewa tlhakwana eating moro ka dumplin 
Tuks senganga soothing with the music he bumping 
Boo yelling at me wanting to be telling me something 
We’re chanting without modumo we can’t think 
Mad cipher le Lehumo watching this bomb sink 
Reunited le bo Khumo chilling ko lounging 
Bo Eddie, Sizwe le Leruo hanging as one thing 
We’re bouncing party by the Uniwest housing 
That’s were we’re gon’ be chilling till re vaya maoseng 
Tsholofelo kopa le m’counsleng 
That honey still thinks she can drop an album but can’t sing 
We counting down till jara e fela 
Themba holding it down till bara e fela 
Be ke wela with my two clipa rand bill in my mgwera 
KG in the car snoring like bera 
Jo re easy…