Wave Your Glasses Lyrics


Acceptance Speech
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



When the mic passes wave your glasses
Make noise bochikita shake your masses
It don’t matter where you at clubs or bashes
The catch is getting you to flip like badges
When the mic passes wave your glasses
Dudes make noise grab a shake that passes
It don’t matter where you at clubs or bashes
The catch is getting you to flip like badges

Once again is my turn it’s time I make the mic burn
I’m about to make you cats learn
You see santlha, witsi ga o kena mokganka
O mo suthele or ho tla bola ho sa nkga
I’m blind like guys exposed to santa
Funner than Fanta entertain you while ke o jela diranta
Robbing us aint easy like standa
Blaze don’t cloud nine watch me bring down the shine like thunder
Ka kopo don’t blunder
You don’t want me to bring war more raw than the one in Rwanda
I’m busy chowing trees like Panda
Please don’t shanda this plus ya pichana from under
Now I’m about done with 16
I’mo’ now run le my boys come paint you a new scene
Up on the mic is Murray, please do kick a verse in a hurry
Leave the whole dance floor looking bloody
We like…


Do not… thinka gore I’m a shangaan man
I don’t boo honeys like Donwan can
You find me hot, dangling on trees like fat Tarzan
Stabbing all these fakes heart till you bleed ka pen
Amen… I’m not Eminem ha ke sbaye sa Stan
Fuck that Jabba this shit ke kopa re kene
It’s either you got money or not, fuck freebies
Always rolling up on the spot with broke hippies
But I don’t see these as stress at all
I don’t stress being on the beat since hey feet tall
The day we ball, doing it like Rude Boy Paul
Gonna be scratching for me money like old BOBSOL
So o mang wena?
Don’t you know that I bring the fun when I’m flipping Setswana o s’ka kena
I’m on point like an Antenna, performing you like loose bunner
Keeping heads warm like a bandana
All my people go…

[Chorus] X2

Thank you very much for being here
It was a Jabba man extravaganza
Wave your glasses TP on the sample
Ross on the beat, lekoko is at the beach
Thank you again