Warfare ft Maggz, Mawe2 & Kesi Lyrics

Cashtime Radio Mixtape
Hip Hop



Cashtime Radio!!
Hey yeah aha
Yehlisa umoya ungabi dom san think about it
Before sikikhipela ithung and go sing about it
Iyanga ehlekile ozokgol’ isqhima bhadi
Nje nge-pencil sizok’fak’ umsizi in your body
Mina clever ngibloma nezinja ezina marabi bhadi
Ababolali simele wena in the lobby
iFlow iyenza ama-chips ama-simba bhadi
Talking all that shit middle finger bhadi
You think you got it you think you got it
Shame ukhohliswa ilabo thikini abhabi
Uphuza ama-long tom nabo tekilani
Uthanda ama-fong kong uyisdina kabi
Cashtime mfana this year uKO ngiy’kinga this year
Fotzek ha hona bari e tla ntshwara this year
Ungangitshele ngaloyo mampara he’s queer
Ngishay’ isparapara on the beat
After the show siphuma nge-Carracarra with the chicks
Re lo ba tshwara tshwara in the sheets
Warawara with the kick K-izzo
I devastate winters killing all summers
Dreams weigh on my soul can you feel the hunger
Any track I’m on could never steal my thunder
After the recession I’m on coz I’m a killing wonder
See me on beats killers need street dealers
It don’t get doper than this ask the drug dealers
My population I’m the next to make it
Got a passion for rapping cheques are a motivation
I lack patience looking at all these fags pacing
And I got a talent for this can’t see that wasted
Flame through I’m burning the man show up
Coz they be next to me sitting on the sofa
I’m in a diff’rent league undefeated champ
Keep a crew of winners that you can see the camp
But we back it up look at the catalog
And you can count us in whenever there’s cash involved
The night is long and the picture is framed with blood
I write songs with the mixture of pain and love
I’m quite wrong for your sister the name is Doub
Coz I pipe on and the quit her my game is such
One TV mmele ubheke indaba zakho from now on
I’m ready for the fight let me put my gun on
K’dala siy’yenza lento we know who the sound for
Ene mangaba aw’zwisisi ntwana uzodila ne sjambok
iTeargas ngathi i-four way stop tsotsi… wait your turn
Tlohela metlae hobane o tla tswa kotsi… you play with fire you burn
I’m caked up so that means my name hangs up
360 degrees flip my name hangs up
At the pedestal as the Jay-Z’s, though I may not have enough moolla
I don’t beef it, South Africa we don’t need another replica
We worldwide killers on the mic no amateurs
No cameras its real life that we living
Real time that we giving, real stripes that we earning
Cashtime Radio!!
Yeah rumor has it, that my first album was a classic
It was my introduction to the masses
With high standard above average
Nail him on the cross he’s a god with Christ’s passion
Hey meet me in the skies, living in the clouds
And I heard you fell off coz you always look down
Sometimes trouble tries to invade my space
And I put it in the box and beat the case
I got nothing but sweet rappers to sell my plate
Mama told me to finish my food nothing goes to waste
Hey I take it slow yeah I’m running the turtle race
In the booth I’m like a rapper in a coupe I overtake
That’s what’s up a chest pumped up
I’m a hungry lion feasting on them young bucks
I’ve been here been waiting for you to come up
Buzz Lightyear you were star struck
I keep my mouth shut so they think that they won
And then I cut their speech short like a yellow warn
Oh no oh this rap shit is getting too easy my gosh
The zone I’m in is way pass my age
My mind is a close book and the cover is my face
M2 have you heard of him
His application to hip hop was approved they made him permanent
Cashtime Radio!!
Ngathi ngiy’freak kanti ngey’ teacher I’m always on different boards
Ngiyez’ imali maw’lamba maybe we pray to different gods
I’m what cocus admire I’m what haters hate
I got camersa and other tools a spade is a spade
Angisi umakhi mara everyday ngi-deal-a nge itina
Keeping rappers on their toes ngathi ama-ballerina
Said it’s my time to blow i-cherry yakho ifuna mina
She blows the hotel u-hurricane Katrina
Understand i-customer lami ngilifida i-A grade
You underpaid o na le HR uyibuze ??????
Ngathi ngine-mirror pham’ kwami ngihlala ngizibhekile
Izinja zami igani umwabo uzosla udidekile
uKesi kasi ungezi ungayazi nale nduku ngiyay’thela
Thina we running this game eintlek k’dala sik’tshela
Mina ngizwana ne-shine I’m never under the shade
I’m already smart baby you don’t have to give me some brains
uMa-E to the Z to the E to the E
To the D.O.E.S.I. to the T
No L’vovo uzok’tshela uphethe i-style to the me
Ngiphethe nabantwana baphethe i-style to the T
I’m one of a kind can’t you see
Oh no lomfana vele u-blind can’t you see
I stay on my grind frequently
That’s why fly chicks stay on my side frequently
Cashtime my frequency
So you better stay cool counting my money my tendency
My hands stay bruised my pockets stay full
Iskhiya sami sivula everywhere iskeleme angisbayi
Aw’siy’ i-clever uyisnayi, ngizok’ khomba indlela buphele ub’clever ndoda
Hau ngiyabangena bazo dela labo bari
Masengingena tjopela popeye
Cashtime Radio!!