Victory Lap Lyrics


Altar Ego
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



I don’t know… you know 
It’s just… it’s just missing something you know 
I just wouldn’t be the same 
It wouldn’t be the same without… 
Ivy league papa (yeah!) Ivy league papa (yeah!) 
Yeah that’s what it was…
 Now we the main attraction they clap for us 
Waiting on my downfall ground floor up, that’s elevator action
Michael Jackson couldn’t be as dangerous, shit happens 
Armed with the paint brush, hope you get the picture 
Veins full of bad blood tswak ppprrr stick up 
What’s favourite rapper used to be before the bitches 
But that’s until we follow in the riches 
Take it back to the kitchene 
Like I got motswako add-libs to my vision-e 
Big dreams in me ever since I was a pikinini 
So you gotta use the big screen when you picture me 
Ha gimme big deal, see the tyres rotate like a windmill 
And I will never loose focus, cry me a river sweat trip a ocean 
Motherfucker came a long way, ones and twos on Ivy league all day 
Yet summer is still a long way, marathon I run this shit at my own pace 
How many rappers in the world right now 
Hate it that none of them do it like I
Never get enough, never get enough, never too much 
V. I .C .T. O .R. Y 
Hands up for my victory lap 
Hands up for my victory lap hey 
(Toast to the winners!) 
Hands up for my victory lap 
Hands up for my victory lap hey
(If you know you’re a winner) 
Party don’t stop till I say so 
Want it all from the ground floor to my angels 
Daddy Cool Diesel heavy weight champ of the people 
Future looks bright like a casino lights
Wanted that seed ‘til my tree grow high
Root of evil, spare no ego 
I keep haters on their toes like Da LES does 
Blowing notes like my name Kwela Tebza 
You in the club acting all famous 
Nobody even know what your name is 
Plenty bottles but nobody’s at your table 
He is on the phone talking like some bloody agents (yesus) 
Party like I’m a motswak’ star, tell a girl drop it low like a sports car 
I’m the king who these jokers in my court yard 
Money talks so I converse with the all stars 
So you all about my paper
Tell me something new tell me something entertaining 
Tell me something true tell me nothing about failure 
Serving rappers on some 24hour a day shit 
Gimme that old time feeling (what else!) 
Jam in an automobile with no ceiling (what else!)
Push the button and start with no key ring (what else!) 
Bad checking out blunt with no seedlings (what else!) 
You can still have what you want if you a dreamer 
Start thinking out the box, or follow the leader 
Ha ... haven’t you been through that
Feel like end of the season when your team do bad 
But all I really need is a clean new pair 
Somebody on my arm and some money in my hand 
That be good, you see the hunger in my eye lids 
Whether we ball or checking out prices