Vacation Lyrics

Dj Dimplez - Singles
Hip Hop



You know us we be goin'
Which flight that we on?
Going up yeah we gone (x2)
You know us we be goin'
Which flight that we on?
Going up yeah we gone (x2)
Tripping like vacation (x2)
Tripping on vacation
I'm switching off the location
Tripping like vacation (x3)

[Verse 1: Da L.E.S]
Yeah, touch town, we don't fuck around
We're from out of town
Where you're not allowed
Yes anytime, we be flying out
Just think about, just think about it
I got exes on the phone
Talking 'bout they're all alone
Tryna get me out of my zone
Where my eyes is on the goal
Tripple S to your face
Chanel eyes looking stone
Gold ? on the waist
Sound welcome back home
Shoot a hater with the breeze
Trump fakers with ease
Staple Center floor seats
I'm Calabasas whatchu mean
I'm getting higher than the moon
There's an elephant up in the room
We don't really know you
Acting like you no goon
I am a king pin, I am a king pin
Call of the kings and bring on the money machine yeah
I am a dream man my girl is a ten
I'm keepin' int clean yeah
'Til we smoke on a vape
And we fly to a trip you ain't seen yeah yeah


[Verse 2: Anatii]
I can never share my location
Judging from the trees you can tell it's recreation
Touch down from Wakanda like the African renaissance
And if authethi imali then you need interpretation
Hayi suka man, suba nomona
Been sleeping on me, ? ubthongo
When I'm flexin' on you, uzoba strongo
Hayi sana urongo, hayi man
Be kutheni uzenza ngcono, kutheni uzenza ngcono
Usangcib' impahla za izolo
My neck on chill ?
Goldfield got me the new stuff
Never see a nigga with the jewels tucked
Must take it with a stick 'cause the crew bust
Abuse the beat, keep it bruised up
I stay blessed, yeah a Puma
Views from the jet nigga, too much