Uhuru Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



They say the freedom bubble is sipping on the liberation struggle
They say we know little of the soldiers who burned dirty in the rumble
Well I know Oliver Tambo, I know Lambubai Kango
I know Chumurenga with Uncle Bob running Rhodesian jungles
Yes, I know the leftenant Makana
Kwame Nkuruma lives forever in Ghana
I know how Komantant Fidel Castro became a king in Avhana
Emperor Salassie defeat fascist Musilini in Ethiopia
S.W.A.P.O leads to freedom the people of Namibia
The media with their paraphernalia
These thoughts are half Centerior struggle of Arafat in Palestine
In the east they speak of Cha Mimao
Central Africa remembers the Mao-mao
In Chillie I know Pablo Meruda
Ernest Che Guevera and the gorilla revolution in Cuba
I salute General Chris Hani
Were he alive you’ll never rock Amani
I know little of your life soldiers
But forget how apartheid killed…
Or better yet how you killed apartheid, ek sal nie
But my liberation remains a forbidden subject
A man born in a homeland a counter revolutionary suspect
The history of the people swept under their reconciliatory carpet
So now we boost of a legislative black master
But we remain the ever marginalized puppets
Yes its true, its not yet uhuru… uhuru… uhuru
Put your fist up, blue collar…

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