Tvs in the swimming pool Lyrics

Notes from the wild
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Attention x3

Where you at

Yo where you at?

[Verse 1]

Catch me spitting on fire
With more dope lines for your brain to get higher
And don't wait up
I'll be late
With a big bag of green
tryna finish off this hit tape
And man can you relate?
My drum's a little off
Now feel me bring it back like I took it and walked off
And i'mo live a whole lot more before it's time to say goodbye
At least pull three blondes and take them home at the same time

[Chorus] x2
We're just trying to live before we die
we survive the day just to exist in the night
Scream if you're alive
Blow a little fire
and throw the Tvs in the swimming pool

[Verse 2]
Is it code black?
No it ain't
I got it from the beast
He said it was a fair trade
And now we're getting paid just for being on the list
Sitting in the sauna and drinking the huge drink
And don't get it twisted
We kill bitches too
And you don't wanna be the one that's standing in my view
I'm arriving at the do with something crazy on my arm
But my suit jacket ain't Louis V torn
I thought I told you that…

[Chorus] x2

[Bridge] x 2
dark thoughts in my mind when I think of you
but let's be honest here we all know you can feel it too
And i ain't running on the risk of bumping into you
Let's just collide and the universe will help us through

[Chorus] x2

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