Truth or Dare ft Maggz & Morale Lyrics

Write Of Passage
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



This is truth or dare
Son I dare you to tell the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth
In fact I double dare you
I dare you to step in the booth and tell the truth nothing but the truth
V1 “Proverb”
I’m in the music business/ but my point of views in scriptures/
Is so graphic, I could make movies pictures/
Ma duty is to step in the booth and spit this/
Cause today’s youth is quickly loosing interest/
If you’re looking for the truth then listen/ if it’s true that wisdom/
Is in the tooth then this dude’s a dentist/ I’m tired of black youth in prison/
There’s not enough blacks in business suites making huge decisions/ (Listen)
Who’s feeling truth lyricist/ the booth is the classroom and the truth is the syllabus/
Starting from the grassroots school and get the kids/
To know the truth cause we’re grooming future presidents/ Future ministers/
The truth is relevant/ and the truth shall set you free like crucial evidence/
The thuth’s imperative/ truth’s a residence/
And abandoned building cause who is living it/
V2 “Maggz”
Truth I’m gon speak/ cause before I bite my tongue I loosen my teeth/
I’m loose on the beats/ so don’t dare me/ cause once infect the world they clear me/
I’m nearly reaching my pinnacle/ succeed teen peeps that are sinnacle/
Cause yeah I was born to reach crowds/ words got the truth on speed dial (wow)
Why you think they flew the beats down/
cause the words are superb and they work for each town/
I’m endorsed and they’re mad I’m rapping/
Like weak signals they got bad connections/
No business savvy/ missed ya sadly/ they broke no hits to carry/
Them over their life span/ on these mic stands/
I’m a one man show truth my hype man/
V3 “Morale”
I murder like Marvin Gaye’s Fahter articulate smarter/
Royal aura determined like Mel Gibson playing Potter (movie)/
Veritaz da truth in Latin is rite there/ do you dare to tell da truth? I said yeah.
Majors blow a lot of hot air/ & I’m light years back to da future wit nike airs/
Spinning da bottle wit Russian Bear, Lalla Yarihama put ya tongue in my ear.
No scooper diving, shorty no fronting like Donald Trump broke your hymen/
If u dis fly everyday is sky diving/ if u aint feelin me da truth is u like lying/
Industry orangutan chancers, phantom daredevils hell cancers I man handle/