Top Shayela ft Nadia Nakai Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Re etsa nywe nywe nywe
It's like 4AM in the morning (nywe, nywe, nywe)
Yeah, I'm still feeling jiggy

[Verse 1: Cassper Nyovest]
Yeah, I got too much money for my age (Young rich nigga!)
Niggas falling cause they running at my pace (Ao shem)
My Mondays are like any other day (We keep balling!)
I need that presidential just to slay (Just to slay bitch!)
All my bitches wanna fuck me raw (No, no, no)
Mangithini "No" bathi
"Why ungenza so?" (Why ungenza so Cass?)
Tell my heart to never get involved
I'm Frank Casino
Think I'm lost up in sauce (Lost up in my sauce!)
All my people love me and it's deep (Boy it's deep!)
Fuck a hashtag boy, I'm trending in the streets (In the streets!)
And ha kena nako ya ho dlala le mahippie (ntja-mme, ntja-mme)
Ba di pipi, tsa di tsitsi
Nyovest Nyovest Nyovest
That's how it goes (that's how it go, go, go, goes)
I'm producing idols, I'm a pro
Y'all niggas childish y'all keep playing with your noses (Drugs are bad!)
I'm bout to make a killing boy I'm gone

[Chorus] (x2)
I just wanna take it to the top (x4)
Sha sha sha sha
They talking but I never get involved

[Verse 2: Cassper Nyovest]
These niggas always lying in they songs
How you balling when you're living with your moms?
And I don't need to lie to make it shake
You know you only made the news because you said my name, right? (I'm a brand, bitch!)
Niggas fussing more than bitches these days
Which side you on cause they switching these day
That's why I choose to keep my distance these days
Niggas blessing niggas, shit is different these days (No, no, no!)
My journey must be so painful to watch (Must be painful!)
These niggas bought awards, I bought a watch (tick-tock!)
It's kinda crazy cause we started from the bottoms
And later on I spent 6 million on some cars
Man, I got enemies that used to be my friends
It's kinda crazy, Khuli used to be the man
Just 2 years ago
I guess the game forgets very quickly
I'll never relax
I know the same curse nearly hit me, but we on!

[Chorus] (x2)
I just wanna take it to the top (x4)
Sha sha sha sha
They talking but I never get involved

[Verse 3: Nadia Nakai]
Just copped an Audi and I took it to the top
Ain't never take a loan, I'm a boss
Y'all niggas never order Uber blacks
Swiping nails and your payments bounce back
I became a boss, yeah, ya dunno!
You can't rock with blades at the gun show
The game March Madness, I'm Alonso
Y'all niggas ain't balling, y'all my sons, hoe!
Call my pussy Amber Rose yeah, that bitch bad
Y'all bitches never seen a million rand
Sucking rapper dicks for a couple rands
Y'all should start stripping at the fucking Grand
I'm steady money counting on that "Sha sha sha"
I'm a beast I'm a problem on that "Rah rah rah"
You thought your shit went gold, they like "Nah nah nah"
Stacking money like Nicki my bars are Remy Ma
Don't try to catch up on us, you gon' get lost
We're so far gone, double exhaust
It's the Tree in this bitch made that hoe cum
I'm that bullet in the barrel, cast the shotgun