Tlhabane/Maftown Lyrics


Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Chorus] X2
It’s a lesson for my niggaz all over the get down
All of my women feeling jiggy from Jozi to Cape Town
Saying if o ikutlwa mafolofolo then come down
To mahipi a Tlhabane and Maf-town
Come on…
Packed in the salon
Speaking of how we facing dizzy times head on
Bringing you chicks for you  to shel on
I’m chilling sipping drinks ke na le Sharon
Stone… nobody got the sell on
All the more reason for your party tell on
The whole vibe is a turn on
Zondi bringing the house down like Amageddon
(Down tonight!) smoking the peace pipe
Doing it the way I’m always doing it each night
Listening to pina tsele with beats like
Thebe back then hana sampa a le cheese like
(Just like!) This is zombie on baseline
Dance like… coz it’s gonna be a hot night
We living a good life
People singing the hook like…
[Chorus] X2
We be jamming since gister
All night… diwa daar Bister
Combi e tletse ka bo mister
Le banyana ba ntsha ezi ka difenster
Ba rasa ba gana go nna stil
Ka moo manyora ba bethwa ka di bak’sten
Ene nou re mo dusteng
You wait when dizzy time is just in
O tla ba bona ge ba tlhaga from GG
Ba tshwere tsa bona faragatlha le BB
Badidi, ba di mine di CC
All kinds of cars from vans to TT’s
Tla be kare go thuntse tlhase
Go tlile even manyora a ko Mokgwase
Botlhe bare we living the good life
Botlhe singing the hook like…
[Chorus] X2
Look it’s plain and simple right
You got Jabba from Maf-town
You got Ipeleng from Tlhabane
You got Steve from Mokgwase
You can’t go any wronger than that
You know what I’m saying?
It’s too hot nou dilase, so ke taba tsa hore bona
It’s either wa dikenela or wa shwelela
[Chorus] X4