Ticket to Jozi ft Thembisile Lyrics

Eh Tuks eintlek o serious o ya vaya mfethu
(He’s leaving) Ye?
Nah nah who’s got my ticket to the midnight train to Jozi
To Jozi… check Boss ke fa keile
(He’s leaving…he’s leaving
He’s… he’s… he’s… he’s leaving)

Ga se phose go tswa ka makgoro, phoso ke go lahlana
Maru le fa a ka thiba ga gore gore e tla na
Pula, now show love, fa o pallwa se ka batla se ka bona
Se ka gana go fela se ka tlhola
Tsholofelo ya gore dikgosi di tla kgona
Le ga e utlwa medumo, tsatsi fa le tlhaba lerumo
Botlhale ba teng dipuo fa o ka se lale, my being ke bodulo
Bible e dupile gore tsotlhe ka bongwe ka bongwe di tla phutlama dipuso
Now show love, rre o santse a ipatlisisa, re akgisana pika
Phatlalala ga mophato bitsa dira gore dika
Diheleng ra ikisa ka mollo ra iphisa
Mashwe re a hupe ka lerama, siphiri sa go ipatika
Now show love, coz I made bodulo
Nnyele tlhako tsela ke e fuduwe ke ile

He’s leaving… (ya tsamaya)
On that midnight train to Jozi
(Ke fa keile… sentebale ke ya go batla matlhale)
He said he’s going back…(ke ya e phaphata)
Going back tonight…
To a scared place and time (Jozi…jozi… jozi… jozi)
Oh yes he is…. (chooko…sentebale)
He’s leaving…

Ghetto Ruff to spread my wings
One shot at life, I’ll be damned if I live mine like a candle in the wind
Zone 7 maz’ phelele, so what you want bling?
Show love we all got blood lines of kings and queens
Show love slave driver, artist grave digger show love bade lami,
Nuff respect I never forget where home is, still khaya lami
Now show love … now hold up
Why the fathers and the sons bring my world to an end
Reminiscing on Da Vinci code jack
Coz I’m living in the movie called The Jackal Black
You getting all too tight please let go yeah
Cruel how the people ba tsewa ja ka dibari
Cruel how the people latla la bone letsatsi
Lejuta for a while, kutsa for my life
Gura for a dime, really not worth my time


I call the game stickup, live by the code of the streets
Must know where is, yo learn the technique, reach for your peak
Rip from the soil where you planted your seeds
Can’t stop the clock got no time to weep
Fede I feel the struggle keeps you on your feet
And hunger to be free keeps you on the edge of your seat
We can all relate to the 27 years
The Sharpville’s, ’76 yes where mothers shed tears
Many stuck around to live in fear, many hung around the in here
Many changes but it remains the same for people down stairs
Real talk is know what your street cred is
Give back what you got is not compared to how people feel
Show love still, black got his land back but it’s hard to build
But it’s hard to build …
Make way … come on

[Chorus] X2


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