Thirsty Lyrics

Rose Gold
Song Year: 
Afro Soul



What I do that's what I do
That's what I do
All my ladies know
We've been down the crazy road
Turning back to paver
Where two can grow
And make a whole
I thought we had established this long ago
Equality being the call
Why do u find myself still sipping on my silence
Taking in all your violence
Am too scared
Too intimate now
What I feel in my soul
I ain't really that slow
This is all just for show
I really know what you are
And no I ain't letting that go
I think it's time that you know
Fall in love with every piece
Call me thirsty baby
Thirsty thirsty babe
Come with all the shape
Blow you up on the daily
If you tryna play me
This just what I do
This just what I do
If you tryna play me
If you tryna play me
That's just what I do
That's just what I do
If you tryna play me
I don't play in major league
I know that the brothers know that
they are trying to run away from paying me
And once again the man texts to leave
I guess I'll just take a vaccine and sip on my tea
Try keeping on my feet but it's just hard to do
I just act a fool
Call me what you want
Funny with those dudes I don't gat a wolf pack
Ain't nobody ever had my back
I know u ain't the finest DJ in my land
You think I need you to do what I do
No that ain't no fake
Just keep your racks
I know I'll be cool
Coz that's just what I do
9 outta 10 times
you know that I'll be more than good to you
God knows all the times I let it slide
You do no right u should not lie
All my girls gone pull up and hashtag your ass
Just like the trash we ain't tryna have
I need more brothers just like my dad
But am not here to brag about the type
I understand that he gave me a man
Amma leave this to you so you can figure it out
Yeah figure it out (yeah)
That's What I do I what I do
That's just what I do
What I do
that's what I do