Thinkin (Hidden Track) Lyrics

*Girl laughing* You laughing?
(But you gotta make me laugh)
Oh oh I wonder what’s love got to do
I wonder what’s love got to do
I wonder…

I wonder what’s love got to do
With a little me and you
If I speak Zulu and you speak Sotho
If I’m from KZN you from extension Diepkloof
We got no excuse but to exchange numbers
Who knows, you can be my girl for the summer
And I can be your boy in the Hammer
Ntombazana why deny yourself
You should try yourself
You look a little tide down untie yourself
Hai gabi baby you can call me papi
Sometimes I feel like Rocky, the world can’t stop me
You probably from Swaziland
I can tell by the way you cover your smile, palm of your hand
How about a little vacation South Coast Durban
I don’t really like Jozi coz everybody knows me
Cape Town is cool coz Eddie’s got a beach house
And mine is with the pool, Ntombazana what you wanna do

*Harold Melvin sped up samples*
Oh oh she be my lonely room (S’thandwa sami)
Filled with nothing but gloom
And I’m drinking drinking drinking drinking
(Sometimes she loves sometimes she loves me not, oh)
Oh oh she be my lonely room (S’thandwa sami)
Filled with nothing but gloom
And I’m thinking thinking thinking thinking
(Sometimes I can’t stand her but she’s all that I got, my baby)
Oh oh…

How many times I blamed you for the things I do
Coming home from Monaco’s smelling light perfume
Throwing tantrums like I hate you, I hate you too
Knowing damn well I love you like the sky is blue
You know nothing ever comes between I and you
When you feel me I feel you too
That’s real that’s sealed with a kiss
From your braids to your pedicure
Head to toe if you don’t know it baby that’s for sure
Then I’m out the door, and then I’m out on tour
And you hate it coz you never been alone before
But I’ll be home before…
You know I’m gone like I’m running to the corner store
(I’m back) Back baby, now isn’t that crazy
We made it past the fat lady
I won’t stop till your Rover match my Mercedes
Till then baby doll keep it close
Play this track when you missing me most
Let’s go…

[Chorus x2]


Nations Uprising
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