Tell Me ft Omarion Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Intro: Anatii]
Rain it up, rain it up now, now, now, one time
Big tune, big tune, big tune now
Pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom

[Hook: Omarion]
Tell me what you want from me

[Verse 1: Anatii]
You know that I got it
I know that you want it
Four in the morning
My phone you'd be calling
And I take the risk
Pick up that shit
Many call I done missed
She need a lift
She got a blesser
But I still Uber X her
Let's just be honest
All the diamonds are flawless
She need a ting that ah float her boat
Don't sink her upon it
Earth, quake when she drop it
Her eyes like she vibrant
Like she got a filter
I never snap the bitch, you get the picture
Action Monday like it's Friday
Trust me I'm doing it my way
Never lost it, I'm tryna find it
Baby kumnandi
No blue lights and no sorrys
Nobody stopping my party
Got the 'rari in the driveway
Yeah, yeah

[Hook: Omarion]
Tell me what you want from me

[Verse 2: Omarion]
Might just pull up in a Rover
Call me Mr Lover, Lover
I don't need to get to know ya
Not unless you bending over
Body moving like a cobra
'Bout to take it low and lower
Misdemeanor lose controlla
'Bout to ride the roller coaster
Off that OJ and Jose
You a girl from 'round 08
She like, "don't you know Rozay?"
"And Kehlani from the Bay?"
While she roll it, roll it, whine it up
Make you do the nasty, freaky stuff
As you whine it, whine it, whine it, roll
Tell me she could do this by the pool

[Hook: Omarion]
Tell me what you want from me

Tell me what you from me
Ah na na see...