Still Beasting Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



I’m a rude boy get it clear fake don’t live here
Real nigga all day pow I’m still here
Niggas in the streets still buck like them deers
Touch one of mine and your click gon’ taste tears(Ha! Ha!)
I’m only playing black chill no nerves please
We keep pushing the brave she set to blow these
Just right under the scrotum we blessed with no sneeze
They check the flow please; I’m next to blow bitch
So smooth gotta double my bucks
Pockets empty but fuck it I don’t live in disgust
I’m still G, All black gear running amok
Few rumbles in the jungle and the bundle is us
Yes Sharp with the wordplay
Calm like Alla Say
Starting a stampede stay clear or be gon’ babe
Music, music for the brave heart bitch
The black Joe Pesci scrapping till I’m caked up bitch
Flow deadly you usually just make up shit
Forever ready for the war till we reign that’s it
Haa! G’s up, hoes down – fist up
Blows down punch line lights out guess P throws down (Ha! Ha!)
On my Tyson shit knock them out first round till they bite my shit
hahaha it all good guess they like what they ear
Turn it up loud till your lope disappear
I move a lil different hands down I’m crack boy
Proof is in the pudding stand down we Back boy
Heavy weight all round close to fat boy
Here’s my advice you should grab a black board
Learn a lil’ something coz your bars is trash boy
You screaming you be stunning but you lack the stacks boy
I’m a dog pit-bull with that pink thing out
I’m pissed off, picture me whipping a Lambo
Matt black swaying down the curb whit my shit pimped out
I’m a beast you aren’t heard high pitch no doubt
Real nigga Yes sir till my cream leaks out
Need figures so thorough gotta eat in this drought
That’s the dream we chasing
So we keep it baking
In the kitchen with an apron
Take it back to basics you got what I want so I’mma kill to take it
Looking back from the future screaming “damn! I made it”