Sticking It In Lyrics

Atari Gala
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Late night moves in the city of traffic
I found life in the oddest of places
Pleasure pertain to the tear machine
So you wishing me luck cos you know you can get it
Oh you play it forward
But we all know
It's hard to live
You stick it in to the man
All this destruction
Comes straight from your heart

Just for once you're sedated
You're sticking it in cos you know you're a winner
Sticking it in, cos you don't seem to find it
So busy begging we forget you're in heaven
You're holding a bomb so you think you're in the shackles
When you're giving it you think you cant win
You keep it in, oh
You keep it in, oh
Oh Lord

[Chorus x2]
Lucky guy, lucky guy, lucky guy, oh

Armageddon coming, are you living or leaving
Busy with the shackles, is it drugs related
Holding it out for a friend never coming
You're knocking yourself up but you know you're in the shackles
But you starting now, you're living hard
Paying for love you never got
You stick it up for everything
Oh god, god
You know you can win
Luck guy, lucky guy, lucky guy, oh (x4)

Don't you know you can win?
Don't you know it's a sin?
Don't you know you can win?
Don't you know it's a sin?
Never forget, you're never forgiven
You never forget, you never forgive him
Just a lie, you living in
Everyday you keep on giving

[Chorus x2]

Goodbye Crazy

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