Soweto Lyrics

Heads & Tales
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Yebo… ‘kay right
It’s your boy Pro, yes
With ah… with another flow
Ches’ you know what that means
I’m from the South Western Township
Where we get down kid
Kadi pa-pa… paba, dankie son
Askies tu make space and stop yapping too much
While I’m rocking this mic you be busy spreading rumors
We mic perfumers, the South Western rulers
The same people you lied to will be my consumers
Hand you over to All-Stars so keep your Con-verse
I was ill back then but now I’ve gone worse
You don’t suffer from bad luck boy you were born cursed
Coz every time its you turn you take wrong curve
For you complicated critics here this concentrated lyrics
Let me finish you incomplete like Popeye without spinach
Beginners thinking you the winners and leaders
I’ll kaffir clap you till you swallow that sophisticated image
What you think this is, with it, something like you bitches
To animal faking this rap I will diminish
It’s true though, and if you acting like you know
Double tacking your style and two feet you like Judo
I’m ghetto like kids on the corner playing Ludo
With little pieces of stones and bottles wherever you go
I’m ghetto like hood-rat chicks with Chuck Taylors
Or gossiping over fences with next door neighbors
Like law breakers, but there’s a stoep for raw papers
On corner shops gambling living the law’s takers
They mock makers, masters of drugs like stock takers
I represent mines, we got no Pro floor fakers
For sure haters, we go for metaphors gravers
The better rule breakers of dawn who brought bakers
It’s fly gee, tell why these rappers wanna try me
Babylon smack bomba clot you dirty ivy
[Chorus] X 2
I’m from the South Western Township
Where we get down kid
Where you usually get smacked if you act like a clown kid
Smile at me I turn around cracking a frown kid
Like who the hell are you asking me where I’m from
I’m from the S the O the W the E the T the O
So now you know the rhymes with flows
When dimes a thrown, when spots are flowing
Better moves unbearable, this rapper is so incredible
Respectable the federal so look at me like I’m general
Sure, from the city where the legends are born
Spitting heavenly lyrics for you critics getting it on
Maseka heroes and the skilos they get broken down to zeroes
With the Madiba’s the Hector Peterson the Steve Biko’s
We tussle and hustle as they juggle with the soul
Muscle we struggle and bubble from the darker side of the African jungle
Maybe face devil with the lives like Crazy 8’s
Estimate these weights and you get knocked like I was Baby Jake
Without the gloves knuckles on your face is all get
So you need to analyze before you try to disrespect
Check yourself or get smoked like a zol eintlek
Coz I doubt if you’ll be proud if this was your wack track
When your size is stepping up and y’all step back
Call that phat we represent the law-less tracks
I’m be that hip hopper non-stopper the rhyme chopper
With the life toucher, a naka naka with the clocker
[Chorus] X 4

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