Up To Something Lyrics

Diamond In Africa
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Put my money in a duffle
Make it come in a coffin
Dropping racks like it's nothing
Me and my dudes up to something
Yeah we blowing on that dojo
Fucking your girl on the low low
A lotta money in the duffle
'Cause me and my dudes up to something, yeah (x4)
It's me and my hitters and we get it popping

[Verse 1]
Run up in this spot, I'm the hottest nigga in this bitch
Pull up in a six like you know it ain't shit
Rolley on the wrist I'm finna show it to your bitch
But I'mma probably call her later
Flipping the wood like a scater
Server it to her like a caterer
No hurry, you ain't gon get my paper
North side, might pull up in a Porche car
Light looking like it's Motzart
Heart boxing on the dojo
A lot of these niggas is sure
And they ain't doing what they're supposed to
So I ain't buying what they told you


[Verse 2]
Tour dates coming off the calendar
Numbers looking like it's cellular
Got bitches on me like the furniture
Bounce up ain't nobody searching us
I put their favourites on the wait list
I'm drinking Cristal on the daily
And I've been doing this for ages
You can tell by my lifestyle, I made it
Gave them my steeze, now they running with it
Took care of the North now they fucking with me
They claim they local, I'mma fucking hit you
'Cause ? got me like it's Puff and Biggie
I'm blowing smoke out like a boat
Just look at the shit that I wrote
I came out the mansion like whoa
Relax! I need some time alone with the cash