Soaked In Bleach Lyrics

The Devil'z Playground
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



God bless the God blessed
Light a candle for the dead homies (x2)
Living in sick pain, my mom gone
Music still in my thick veins, I'm headstrong
Living like a legend, I'm Cobaine my head gone
Puff on a little some'n, thought I don't smoke
Focus on the scope, holly ghost through my potent tone
Impossible is dead to me, detriment to step to me
I'm destined, shit, my destiny determining my legacy
Fuck what you mean, this poetry is an outlet
Mouth flex, verbal gymnastics, my profound rap
I think I'm broken inside
But I'm a light, convinced the streets that hope is alive
And when they quote my lines, what I spoke in my rhymes
I'll leave an imprint of passion that grows in your heart ?
Shit is an uphill battle
But you gotta be sharp enough to cut steel, bless you
Huh, I'm just tryna be a blessed dude
Fuck stepping on stage until you send a cheque through
You see this blood in my eyes
I done seen pain, I'm lucky that I'm even alive
Spend a weekend in solitude
To concentrate my thoughts
To congratulate a force, I decapitate a foe
Fuck being on my knees, I'm a soldier 'til I lay down
I got a girl who live up but stay down
So fuck the world, close to tears finna break down
Pour a little liquor 'cause my cousin in the grave now
I'm soaked in bleach 'cause they oppose my speeches
As I approach my peak, this is supposed to beast
But look, nothing matters in this rap shit
'Cause if it did my rap click'd be mad rich
Trouble being I snap quick, my tactics classic
But fuck it this rap game is match-fixed
Just an angel with a broken wing
I keep tryna fly back but I'm exposed to sin
It's the devil's playground but we hope to wing
Soaked in bleach, still the clothes that I'm always in
This art piece from artists is concrete
No conceit words my verse speaks and sparks peace
Fuck this poverty living
We was born kings and kings we property binging
Not a part of the system, but I part with my freedom
I'm just trying to inspire y'all to push with a passion
They tryna Cobaine myself
I pray everyday that my flow brings me wealth
My lines just overdose, I cocaine my health
I spit blaze fucked up, I'm propane myself
It's still God bless the God blessed
But it's God who tests mines, I'm hard pressed
I swear to Christ nobody better than me
My pen game retarded, my peak frame just started
Dumb it down for the underdogs
And I'd rather be cast away than be under y'all
I'm the greatest in the continent
Fuck what you heard
To me The Best is not a compliment

Yes, I'm soaked in bleach
Pull strings like Cobaine I won't retreat
Still a ballot of a soldier
it's like the spirit of Tupac is close bruh
Baby girl lay your head on my shoulder
Never give up until your lifespan is over
I'm still soaked in bleach
I thought I told you
I'm still soaked in bleach (x3)
Fuck what you heard black