Smile Keeper ft Lebo Lukewarm Lyrics

Mo' Better Mixtape
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Verse 1: Ginger Breadman]
You got me feeling for more
I snuck out the party early 'cause I needed some more
You send a text
I don't reply like I completely ignored it
Gon be late a bit
I stopped at the convenience store
Three in the morning
You just wanna fuck and cuddle
Love is love, love
But all we do is fuck and cuddle
You my love drug
Hand under my t-shirt
Recurring three words
I'm falling for you, angel
I just pray I land feet first
Or plan B, you catch me, switch positions, my knees hurt
Bout to reach my peak I say "I'm cumming"
You like "Me first"
Deeper and deeper
Listening to Aretha
Franklin, Anita, Baker

I need her (x2)
Yep I need her
My Mona Lisa
You're my smile keeper

[Verse 2: Ginger Breadman]
As we lay in a puddle of ecstasy
That pussy girl, but it ain't all about sex to me
You put that kinda smile on my face
That I wish my ex could see
And all is right with the world
As long as you next to me
I'm not into selling dreams
I can't describe it with a bunch of words and shit
Or a verse, you like the perfect fit
I'm not worthy I'm the furthest thing
You outta this world
Hey please take me with you
I feel like we never have to go back to Earth again
Because if you left my world would end
And you not just my woman
You my girly friend
You let me get a peep beneath your beautiful
Now I'm in love with every inch of you
You like my favourite record
I don't even skip the interlude
I found my happy and I wasn't even in pursuit
My Mona Lisa
You my smile keeper

I need her (x2)
Yep I need her
My Mona Lisa
You're my smile keeper

[Verse 3: Lebo Lukewarm]
So I met her 'round the way
She told me I ain't gotta buy her drinks for her to stay
Conversation got thicker
My hand was on her figure
Downing that liquor
Damn I got hick ups
See I'm fucking up my words
Cause they slur
About where your body should curve
I'm thinking why me
If you're more than what I deserve
It's crazy how well we eatin
I'm treating you like dessert
Cause you're way too sweet
You're nothing like other girls
You're all I need and I'm hoping we kinda work
See you perfect than me
If not then you're exactly what perfect should be
So personally
I usually just fuck em and leave
But for some strange reason you giving me reason to breath
I need her (x2)
That's why I need her

I need her (x2)
Yep I need her
My Mona Lisa
You're my smile keeper