Siyayilanda Lyrics

Siyayibamba siyayilanda
Ngithibamba siyayilanda
Sithibamba siyayilanda
Fetch it siyayilanda
(We are fetching our future, grabbing our tomorrow)
Human figures in a dream
Heard them singing -- Siyayilanda (we are fetching it)
You've got to get up
And carry on sing this song -- Siyayilanda
There's a mean machine
Tear the bone clean, tell you
Where I've been -- Siyayilanda
Eat, sleep on your feet
You're going to speak -- Siyayilanda
A falling star in the night
Comfort the weeper -- Siyayilanda
You turn to the left and you turn to the right,
Losers, keepers -- Siyayilanda
Hold me close I'm trapped in
A night of seasons -- Siyayilanda
A new sun rising up ahead
Coming your way -- Siyayilanda
I can feel it in the air
My day is coming nearer
My day's a little nearer