Shine On Me Lyrics

In the Meantime
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In the morning when you rise and wise
The tears out of your eyes

I see you oh I see you

And midday when it glimsyou
I look into your style

I see you oh I see you

I see you you rise and shine on me
In my mind all I see

I see your blue eyes they're shine on me
And I see your daydream shine on me

And at night when I hold you
I feel you bump and grame

I need you
Oh I need you

I need your hands to go on me
I need your body all for me
I need your eyes to shine on me


And she tells me that she's hurted before
And she membered once to hear it again
So I just sit and dream about your eyes
Over than when I'm sleeping
I hold you in my dreams again
And again and again and again

[Refrain x2]

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