Rau Rau Lyrics

Yes ke raurau we'll turn your world around
You got something to prove u better come right now
Mfana raurau we never back down
Skwatta kamp we gonna take the crown right now

When I peep my mic hunger you should urinate in your pants
How can you battle me you get crushed by little ants
You biting animal we the opposite of zoo’s
Like the jazz festival venue your crew's smooth and makes igloos
Easier to spot in karoos harder than spotting your skills or jewels
Props please let’s not make this harder for you
Wanna walk the shoes of a real emcee but get your own pair
We got none to spare

Punch lines galore what you know about rhyming
Your crew back fires so you know you out of timing
Battle me foetzek uya claimer, you know ke raurau
You against me is more like nywa mao
I eat kids like you for breakfast, shit you out before lunchtime
You just wasted a second trying to beat my fucking next line

Shack verbalist on the scene
Ripping emcees off like a damn pyramid scheme
Screw keyboards Skwatta Kamp brings the damn melody
If you sick from wack tracks then this must be the remedy
In your face like a pimple like it or not you are feeling me
Who’s the man y’all faggots couldn't touch me so you ran
2002 year of the Skwatta never doubt it
Raurau club shit like boobie prizes rappers forfeit

Yo can I get a Wooo!


Once again ke taba eo chechella morao-rao
Y’all got the raw talent but you lack the know how
Don't put your skills on the table move back to your cradle
I'ma rock this microphone till your heart beats unstable
Welcome to our playground Skwatta Mabaleng
Phat rhymes dope beats yo ke dilo tsa teng

S'botho dima i-lotto seng’ kwaai anje ngebhodo
s'khipha umnotho wenjabulo on girls sweet like i-leco
Ngiphethe u-Thoko uphusha i-golf ofcourse omusha umhlobo
Sikhipha inkondlo brains are flexible like i-dolo
Ngiyis'khokho uyimpohlo noma isoka les'kobo
Uqcoma nge rap uqcomela ugogo ngomdoko
Hip hop is in my veins I kill emcees during ubuthongo
You fuck with me I take you out like i-lobolo


What you forgot where you came from I'ma slap you back to reality
Don't get it wrong u stepping into casualty
Bribery won’t save you from sir Infa-delity
My personality splits so call me humadity
Trying to sell me that wack ass shit I call you stupidity
I'm verbally intoxicating you busy debating
While my mp3 is inflating
Wake up reach out and smell the god damn paper
Wake up reach out and smell the god damn paper

(Ke mang o - aaargh!)
Vele Nkuli o tleste raurau
Fuck y'all quick like now now
Facial expression like I’m drinking milk stout
(Nkuli you touch me I'll scream)yeah bitch like how loud
(Loud enough to wake the neighbors to beat you the fuck down)
What the fuck now Skwatta walk all over you clowns
What you think now you like the way I’m putting shit down
(Hell yeah!) walk in the club kenwa dibiya ka nkane
Raurau Nkuli Habedi hale tlale

Yes ke raurau (Chechella morao-rao)
We’ll turn your world around (now now)

[Chorus] till fade


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