Raise It Up ft Khuli Chana & Shugasmackx Lyrics


O Mang
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Just raise it up
Lebza raise it up
Khuli Don raise it up

[Chorus] X 2
Everbody just… Raise it up!!
Open up mejako re kene
This is no mistake all of this is part of the plan
Tables are turned, we do strictly rap coz we can
All we do is grab a paper and a pen
We hit the club and then we … Raise it up!!

[Khuli Chana]
I hear you dude o di keneletse
Look at this lame crews ba shenametse
Never thought that I’ll make it ba makaletse
Cue it as’kere jwanong jwanong ke namelatse
You know my steez, nka tsaya ngwana oka sala o nkatlhametse
So please, give me some air to breathe ke kopa metsi
I’m hot, never stop setse ke thutafetse
Ooh I’m coming through bana ba nkhurametse
Tshwara ka tshaba ka qanda bana ba kgatlafetse
Niggaz is scared of my plan thinking ba nkelemetse
Telling my chickie that if she need me
She’ll find me at the shebeen sipping on onikki
Black out fall sedidi, tell me why can’t you leave me
You got me shitty like shiddy you boys can’t kill me
You black out feel when you see me
Tip, from a Khuli Yano
Khimane yaro o shebe taba tsago


[Hip Hop Patsula]
I’ve done it all from smoking to drinking bojwala
Seen it all Mangope falling the crash of the tower
Met them all the Ice, the Vusi’s and Sello Twala
Made them all the tightest rappers the wackest makwala
Heard them all the Jigga’s big as Chris Wallace
Build them all the face thick to out of the chalice
I’ve been happy sad puppy glad not even jealous
Joe ke tlhabisa ditlhong till I rock the rap fellas
First it was Skwatta balakatha making this butter
Making your mala flip got you off block and your gutter
On the course to kill, and still gave you butta
Just like Dada they humor us by making you stutter
Then came Ramesh, Ammunition, Pro and Selwyn
Prof and Blax Myth who’s being rapping for so long
Then Morafe rocked the Motswako explosion
Anyone I left out the list just goes on…

[Chorus] X2

SK double H, you couldn’t wait
We eating kid you can come and scrape the plate
Ngiyatshela mfethu eintlek yazi hini iskhathi sethu
And people wanna bump their heads till kuw’ inkwethu
Step back if you don’t know ukuthi siyenzani
We gonna flip the industry over noma kanjani
And you’ll be asking yourself “Go diragalang”
Lots of talent low budget le ka re etsang
It’s just we smash guitars finance those cars
Leave some people with those deep real emotional scars
When they talk about us they’ll say reach for the stars
It’s what was meant to be nawe mfana uyazi
All along in this game besini bambise ijasi
We just talking what’s ours ngale rap yase mzansi
So turn it up, raise it up, we never gonna give it up
So you can party and jiva like you don’t give a fuck

[Chorus] X2

Turn it up … turn it up
You are going to turn it up
Turn it up… turn it up
You are going to turn it up
Skwatta Kamp just… turn it up
Le Lefika just… turn it up
What’s next though… You are going to turn it up
Ammunition just… turn it up
Proverb just… turn it up
Baby phat know… You are going to turn it up