The Prince of the Hanging Gardens Lyrics

The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg
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I'm a lazy student
In a circular library
With a glass ceiling
And a parquet floor

After graduation
I'm gonna go to the Amazon
In search of a pigment
That I want on my wall

Hold me
Scold me
Extol me
Console me

Through the 90s
And the 80s
And the Tigris
The Euphrates

And after all that I've said
I want you to know me
I want you to throw me
In the river
So the clouds that follow my head
Can finally rain down
On all your hydrangeas

I never had a doubt that you would come through
I always adored you
I always ignored you
Just to make you try harder
To you do what you do
I had to be awful
Just to keep you from danger

Come stand at my window
With a view of suburbia
As it marks out the borders
Of my opulent grounds

I'm rich but I'm troubled;
There's a worm in my Bougainvillaea
Why do you plague me
When my ethics are sound?

Hold me
Scold me
Extol me
Console me

Through the 90s
And the 80s
Through the waters
Of Issey


And after all I've said
It's academia
How could I be so faithful
To the Queen of Media?

Through the 90s
And the 80s
In the AD
And the BC

Through the Xanthus
And the Yangtze
And the Niger
And the Ganges

Hold me
Fold me
Control me
Cajole me

And release me
On the Lethe
And the ichor through my body


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