The Plug ft Zoocci Coke Dope Lyrics

Trill Singles
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Walk up in the bulding
I'm the flyest in that bih
All my niggas getitng money
All my niggas rich, yeah
Had to look around, had to find out where it is
Looking like a movie but it's really how I live
You don't know how many nights I had to work through
Now a nigga fly, yeah I'm fighting bird flu
You don't know how many nights I had to cry through
One day you can get it, you just gotta come through
Cause I'm the plug (okay, alright)
Yeah I'm the plug (wassup, wassup)
I'm the plug (you can get it on sight)
Yeah I'm the plug

[Verse 1]
I wake up in the morning
Like tonight finna be lit, yeah
I got all the jig yeah
I just hit a lick, yeah
Instagram story with my shirt off in the crib, yeah
Easy with the shits, yeah
I just hit a lick, yeah
Is this shit for real, oh my God it is, too legit
Call up all the fam, they already know what time it is
I been going hard, tryna make up for the time we missed
Might just hit the club, let them act a fool
Bright idea, that's the right idea
We alright out here, all my guys out here
Look, I'm the guy out here
I'm the plug, the connect, I'm the hookup
I been working on my channel
We might distribute the cookup 'til you fumble
Me and Zooccie move it out the bando
I got prety bitches I know
Who would lick me for this Nando's
They will lick me for the sauce, yeah
I got too much sauce
And I move it by the kilo
So they pay me like a boss, yeah


[Verse 2]
Fly as ever, I endeavour to acquire cheddar
Hotboxing with my partners and we high as ever
Shorty wanna take a hit and I might let her
Shorty wanna take a pic and I finesse her
I'm the plug, hoe what you expect
Matter fact I'm the drug in the flesh
Back to back with the subs and the jets
I smell like an angel
Scared of heights?
Then hold your breath
Catch the vapours you might catch a contact
If you need a fix then I'm the one you need to contact
My shit be so piff I guarantee you finna call back
Boy that shit so loud, you could go deaf
Now what you call that
I might just, bitch I might get you lit
Trapping go tme in and out the east side with a ten
Live life live life fuck I look like
I might get the Benz
Hotline blinging on the other end
It's someone tryna spend (bitch I'm the plug)