Pad and Pen ft Cassper Nyovest Lyrics

Yo waddup player
Chad da don don
Family tree boy

When I know (x2)
Then I will (x2)
Let you know (x2)
How it goes (x2)
When I know (x2)
Then I will (x2)
Let you know (x2)
How it goes (x2)
'Til the end (x2)
That's how it's going down
'Til the end (x2)
I make them pay for it
My pad and pen (x2)
Me and my squad, we just had to win
Had to win, that's how it's going down

[Verse 1: Chad Da Don]
Never wanted to be normal
Choice I made when I was small though
Although before the grave I do need to get some more dough
Might just make a quick call though
Then I will be more dope
So when I die they all remember me then they all will say no don't go
I kill shows outta town
How the fuck you say I'm local?
I write lyrics that they quote bro
Your hopeless souls a no no
Yes I'm saying even if you tried odds are you will fold yo
I've never been a victim,
behind this mic shit is different you might just get a picture,
ask polite and then get clicking
Put it up on insta, then write about this ambition,
homies try to come correct but there's just something fucking missin'
Cuz you rap about the business
but know nothing about this shit
Your flow is pretty lazy,
sounds like you forgot the lyrics
Go home, read through your notes,
come back to me when you finished
You never had a beginning so this is how we gon' end it


[Verse 2: Cassper Nyovest]
I've been running the game
I swear my bars need a knee cap
The fame is the only reason I'd ever leave rap
Biased reviews, acting like we not the beez wax
I'm not Oscar Pistorius I've never needed feedback
Chads bout to drop, he's album sounding amazing
He reminds me of when I was sleeping on Jabba's basement
And all I had was the music and studio time was a payment
And all the beautiful girls would lie to me say they taken,
that was so sweet, never wanted to hurt my feelings
But now I ask them to escort me to million rand meetings,
just to show them how I went from a very nice guy
to a very nice guy with a very nice life
It's crazy, I speak my mind
That's what they pay me to do, for you its history,
for me it's what I came here to do
Unpredictable nigga
I got plenty of grooves
Sammy David's with the awards, I just emptied the pool
I took 15 with a 16, it's never been done
I've always wanted to be a king, and not the prince son
Ya'll said I was a one hit wonder, kanti dintsang
I've been here for so long, I forgot who the king was
I play with women but they love me , I'm a clean jerk
I will take your advice but you gotta win first
We never lose, we just show up and we Merc
Nigga you don't even have more fans than Queen Twerk
Ha Ha
That lines Wack but it's kinda funny
But who could keep a cool head with my kinda money
There's two sides, I'm the truth and the truth
Weak niggas always wanna change the rules when they lose (x3)

Family tree baby
Shout to Chad da don
Its only the beginning (x2)
Let it ride out


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