No Mans Land Lyrics

Heads and Tales
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



This is the track where you shut the fuck up
Keep your ears and your eyes wide open
You might learn something
And ah, try to keep your head down
Coz what you have could be take within a second
And you won’t know what happened
So stay close with your weapon
And let me do the rapping
It’s called No Mans Land, it’s the land of the lost
But then tell me please…
Somebody tell me whose land is this
Where all of us keep acting like we cannibals
Who is to trust a man’s word or instinct like animals
Cancerous, burning through your chest and you can’t handle this
We pessimists, here for the golden price and we snatching this
Gone are the days when we would dice for money
And fight for money, we co-operate and write for money
A million rand concept is the nicest money
It’s why I got two stomach’s coz I’m twice as hungry
Foulest play with darkness from around the way
We down to play where everybody is bound to pay
Excuse the harsh delivery, but I’m not down with gay
I’m bound to spray, hunters turned around to prey
Now it’s your turn to bleed and it’s hard to breath
What you use to do to them it’s now done to thee
Worse than karma shivers in spines drop degrees
Catching chills and bullet drills when they cock and squeeze
It’s no mans land…
[Chorus] X 2
It’s a jungle out there dogg so watch who you cross (It’s no mans land)
No one gives a fuck in the land of the lost (It’s no mans land)
No one really cares if your wrist got frost (It’s no mans land)
Coz niggaz gon’ get theirs at all cost(It’s no mans land)
I’m from the dirty dungeons, so I’m immune to been lethal
It’s a sequel to ghetto people to lick you with a pistol
So watch who you speak to, back stabbers who try to stick through
A sharpest knife on this evil is out to get you
Never confused by the big and tall
Animal resembles of how they creep and crawl
Don’t flick it all, they make you feel weak and small
Betting Goliath it only takes one hit to fall
I’m the David of the millennium against you haters
Alligators with dangerous smiles but I’m the bravest
In the land of betrayers with players for making papers
But we stick to the creator who made us they can’t fake us
So they suck on us, now we gotta fight for breath
It’s bigger than money it’s a matter of life and death
From right to left surrounded by a knife and gats
On mics I’m felt but I could get piped for wealth
It’s no mans land…
[Chorus] X 2
Don’t be confused by the temptations
Of these jewels and circulations
Make your moves and speculations
And improve your meditation
Coz what you facing is often used
To make you loose your patience
Choose basics it’s a trick
There’s no rules and regulations
I could take you back to when I was blunted with booze
Didn’t give a fuck about life fronting on crews
Like a skinny dude at the gym I had nothing to loose
Till I met that real thug with his slugs and his tools
And ever since then I chose to mess with this raps
Battle the best better than catching a shell in my chest
It’s hell at its best like I fell in my enemy’s nest
Keep fighting and let the heavens handle the rest
Now they talking all this shit behind my back when they start cursing
Throwing stones at me saying shit that could be hurting
For certain but fuck it, it don’t make me less a person
I’m only human and I suppose I had to learn my lesson
It’s no mans land
[Chorus] X 4
It’s no mans land X 7

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