On My Own Lyrics


O Mang
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Now this track is for the boys
They all know who they are
Strictly Darkness, VA, Fourplay, Obsession
We rule Pretoria baby
And I promised if any of us make it
We gon’ take out a track that we did all together
So … here’s my offering… check it

On my own…
I’m a star now, the type of brother who can drink in any bar now
On my own…
No more walking coz I’m rolling in my honey’s car now
On my own…
I’m a star now, the type of brother who be sounding so bizarre now
On my own…
And Baby Phat be the clique that be taking me far now

Today it’s all about money and tax empowering blacks
And having sex with ten chicks
All feeling celebrity dicks
It’s all about hustling keys, getting VIP’s roll up at ease
Pleasing fools with your face in the mix
It’s all about what’s in what not, what’s wack what’s hot
Who sells a lot, which lepara is hogging the spot
It’s all about who killed who, who thrilled who, who built who
Beat jacking hoping nobody knew
When the cradle breaks boss o tlo sendela mang
Life is one big prison wena o bendela mang
And re isi reye kgakala do you know o telela mang
Ha o na ditlhong, bona lewe e go palela jwang
You waste time ka go toloka, o ntso apesa dipolo ka
Nama tsa matekatsi, nigga dula hatshi
And asses your issue, ja easy nigga grab a tissue and
Wipe your ass, get up nigga go to your class


Sometimes I ask God to please put me to rest
Looks like I’ve got a bad influence on those I infest
Scriptures say, don’t you put your Lord God to the test
But the more I wait, the more the devil gets to my chest
I can’t live like this, tangled in my own illusions
Life is just a huge book with no good conclusions
When I look into the mirror all I see is the devil
Someone meant to kill, a natural fucken born rebel
I’m in a dream life with no beginning and no end
A young black evil fool living with no friends
I’m wrapped around in chains trapped in my own mind
My faith is left behind and yet it’s hard to find
Shit the more I talk about this I get damn frustrated
For when I die there’ll be smiles on those I irritated
Sometimes I wake up and wish my life was just a myth
Slowly but surely, my life is leading me to death
Help me die, my life is a tale with no point
I’d rather chill sip the cream puffing on a joint
With the love of my family still close to heart
Writing my will just before my time is torn apart
I used to think that I’m a Christian, a true believer
Yet I really doubt myself, I’m a thoughtless sinner
If I do anything dumb please God forgive me
You’re the only thing that’s keeping me breathing
Never leave me …


[Bridge Kabomo]
Look at me now I’m flying high
I’m living free and I’m running to my destiny
Running to my destiny
I’m flying high, I’m living on my own


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