Move Lyrics

Move, move
You are a different kinda lady
One that I've never seen before
A when I feel you arereaady
A bigger world is what I'll show
[refrain starts]
All you need to do is fill my heart
And dance to the beat
Hah, you have to be able
To the dance and feel the heat
Are you ready to explore this life
If you are ready then you'll be just fine
It doesn't matter if your mind is shy
All that atters is you'll be just fine
Move Your body (move)
Don't let nobody (move)
Get into the spirit (move)
And enjoy the rhythm (move)
Shake it to the left (move)
Shake it to the right (move)
Move it all around (move)
And respect the music (move)
[refrain ends]
It's kind of crazy how you phase me
The way you move yourself on the floor
All I want is you to take me
And I will be able to explore
[chorus till end]