Marry me (The Pro-Posal) Lyrics

Book Of Proverb
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Shorty with this ring I thee wed/ with this thing I declare/ that till the end I’ll be there/ you
And I make the ideal pair/ I realize this means leaving the game but shorty I’m prepared. /
So no more tapping booties/ and no more shagging hoochies/ and no more coming back
With groupies/ no more I’ve outgrown the game that’s the beauty/ I’m ready to be all yours
Shorty absolutely/ and no more making calls in the bedroom/ pretending it’s my nephew/
No more not since I met you/ and no more going out the whole day/ and coming home
Late/ none of that boo cause with you, I’ve found my soul-mate/ and none of this running
Around/ I’m trying to settle down/ no more contact with exes no more letters now/ and no
More making excuses/ ma next move is/ popping the big question boo say yes to it.
Now I’m on my knee tryina propose cause I’m ol school/ Now were engaged like a
Phone that wouldn’t go through/ I start planning my bachelors party you know how boys
Do/ always tryina get up to things were not supposed to/ now here comes the bride/ all
Dressed in white/ she’s by my side/ the ceremony’s about to preside/ we say our vows
And you get the Kiss of your life/ to symbolize you’re mine for the rest of your life/ we
Out the church hand in hand as husband and wife/ Friends and family outside and they
Checking the rice/ you throw the bouquet/ and the girls run to catch the flowers/ they all
Want a relationship that could match ours/ we need to get a pre nuptual
Agreement/ not that we need it, just encase something happens between us/ divorce is
Out the question/ we talk about that later right now let’s count the blessings/
I can’t wait for the honeymoon night till we make love/ can’t wait for the breakfast in bed
Before we wake up/ I can’t wait for the fight and then we threaten to break up/ I can’t
Wait for the “I’m sorry’s” and then we make up/ I can’t wait until we getting complaints
From next door/ cause we’re making noise banging walls with the headboard/ I can’t wait
Till we try new things and explore/ I can’t wait till we’ve done it all then we get bored/ I
Can’t wait until we can’t wait till we can’t stand each other at all/ I can’t wait to tell you
That I hate the mother in Law/ Now I’m a hopeless romantic without a doubt/ I can’t wait
To walk around butt-naked in the house/ me with ma Boxer shorts and you nothing but a
Blouse/ and later on we both fall asleep on the couch/ I can’t wait to speak to you/ I can’t
Wait to freak you/ I promise I’ll never leave you please believe me boo/ I’ll never even
Ill-treat you we both equal/ love of my life I can’t wait to meet you.
Will you marry me/ we can live happily/ Ever after like a fairy tale but in reality
We’ll have picket fence double garages for the Benz
2, 3 or 4 kids shorty it all depends