Made Men Lyrics

Blu Murda
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Chorus: Clu]
Whichever way the wind blows
Count money in my white T Chucks and my rim low
Cash in my hand half now half later
Make me need a calculator
Whichever way the wind blows
No roof no windows
Tax free money and the banks don’t close
Man I’m trying to stack that dough
Whichever way the wind blows

I’m fortunate yeah I know this
I’m in the props again just coz the flow sick
I mean my life changed now I’m who the ho’s pick
Serve them with that pipe game ‘til they scream for more dick
Still asking who dat though
It’s me in a Humvee and two black ho’s
I mean my skills magic new rap flows
I got a dream to be supreme and to stack dough
I mean no time for gimmicks homie your time’s finished
So don’t mind me better just mind your business
I’m a round menace look at how I shine witness
Thought she wasn’t a groupie no wonder why your dime missing
Busy thinking you hot but so not
Now the ho’s game dreaded me but I got no locks
I just be getting my props that won’t stop
Now the ho’s gone sweating my job I’m that hot


Okay… the call me PDotO I’m the next in line
Flow stupid you know it’s the best combined
Underrated slept on matter fact I’m still hated
But the hate manifest the grind
What’s good playa pimping?
I’m out to stack paper you know the stacks matter
My pockets getting fatter a man of great stature
I suggest you buy a ticket it’s your girl’s best rapper
I’m a head case call me Tedd Bundy
I need a strait jacket no crush dummy
Being through the wild I see dumb plaque
And it’s amazing I’m alive no Kanye
Mos Def for the money no Dante
Give 3000 for a verse no Andre
On my P. Diddy shit don’t push
Coz P don’t give a fuck… George Bush


These girls saying Showtime they aint as fly as you
That’s why I’m here with these niggaz but I’m eyeing you
I’m too low call Mr. White lie or two
Face facts my slow mo’ is real time to you
Yeah you old school but niggaz don’t know you
You played out your nickname should be gold tooth
It’s a man’s game and there’s on rules
You are an old fool and getting no kush
Showtime I put my money where my mouth is
I bought liquor that’s money where my mouth is
On my side clubs where her mouth is
And I’m fly like where her blouse is
Lyrical grumbling the flow stupendous
Lyrical spending we holding benjamins
Scatter ‘em endless the glow is ending
Trick ‘em endless the flow is tremendous