Lyricist Of The Year #LOTY Lyrics

All you real life gorgeous flawless niggaz
Thank reas for making ya'll seem so awesome
Hit or miss
My shit made the bang like Taurus
Since a star signed you couldn't harm a Taurus
I shine like a dime vs I'm flawless
Now they booking a nigga
I can feel my palms itch
So take precaution
Cause trust me I can off your on switch
Broad day light so save your energy cause my dog it's
Ey fam hold your horses
Ey, please fam hold horses
Control your hoes and pull back your shorty
Like my cars foreign and my broads imported
The advocate of rap
See my bars important
Your writings off
And maybe I could coach Carter your performance
Allahu AkBars all day till morning
Suave with the flow
I Trey Don the chorus
Got game shorty gave me long neck like ostrich
Use the phone that you bought her to record our porn flick
Load it up on snap chat for your enjoyment
You don't like me when I'm this obnoxious
I'm so unguarded
I go so Jordan
Got a nigga that could pull up on your drive way and park your mortgage
My girl a nine
At least I'm so nonchalant
While you floss about ménage à trois with 4s
But she'll be lucky if she get McDonald's
Wouldn't even drop the bitch off
I'd walk your dog
She probably think I'm such a chauvinist
Look what you made me do
With that said
Can you even fault him
Remained so calm through the storm that the critics applaud him
They don't have no awards for that
Just some perks like shorties on all fours tryna see my unborn's like a sonar

(I'm wildin, yeah (x2))
(525600 minutes I get it, so why would you doubt me)
(They don't wanna let me know)
(Why you never let me go)
(But I had no legs (x2))

The most anticipated return since the second coming
You want it?
Get it youngin'
You ready?
Bet it's nothing of course
I scratched fucking the baddest chick off my check list
I'm in the building real niggaz in attendance
You know that my time is precious
No minute for these pretenders
Hope you coming in second
Attack you when you defence less
Mean while checking your followers and friend list
Starting internet beef
In hopes to get your attention
I couldn't even be bothered
Getting tweeted by legends
You call it a cosign
Call it honourable mentions
Whatever the fuck your call it lets all agree it's impressive
Prolly fresher than
Next year's freshman
I'm not the type that you come up off
Not at all
I peeped your word play
I make my words play cart wheels and somersault
I'm in season these bitches sprung and some'll fall
For the winner grinding through winter
I'm back to sun em all
My ex still wide open she need closure
I told her "I can't commit at the moment I need focus"
Ain't tryna be like my idols
No disrespect
Ain't tryna be Hova
I'm tryna beat Hova rap's
Nobody real as me
Same age bragging but you little league
I'm kinda major they try belittle me
You fucking kidding me
They all know I'm dope
I go postal
Push the envelope with my delivery

(You're not the only one)
(Shoot the flowers I'm afraid of nobody)
(Thought I told you not to lie)

Rose to the occasion saw the flowers at my feet
I'm bad with with money coming up
I never had no allowance
I'm Allahu AkBars
Got Maraza on the beat
I'm devouring whoever I compete with
The truth is hard to swallow
The truth is sweet and sour
Now you got me on my "I could go an hour on this beat" shit
That 24 hour Jack Bauer no sleep lose respect
It take less than 2 hours to retrieve it
Naughty west boy from the south to the east bitches bow
Have the fucking crowd in my reach
I address the crowd Martin King Luther speech shit
Martin King Luther speech shit

(Thought I told you not to lie)
(You're not the only one)


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