The Lost Diary Lyrics

Okay I’m on the ball this year
I stopped drinking, I’m working out
And I broke up with your girlfriend
Everything is on point (Young soldiers formation lets go)
Yo yo (Young Nations) Young Nations
The lost diary (this is serious New York)
Walk with me lets go…

Raise ‘em up like cheers, exchange tears for fears
From the gate get the basics clear
We are so sincere, so maintain focus here
We in the whole different atmosphere
I need a moment to address my peers, talk to ‘em
We survived the darkest ruins, and walked through ‘em
You surprised that the youth thing suppose to rise
Look at my eyes, you can see the truth and the lies
My life story…

[Chorus x2: talks over it]
Episodes from the lost diary
Look at my life story, look at my life story

[Talking over the Chorus]
Yo I was born in ah…
Born in London but grew up in L.A
I… spent a lot of time in South Africa
Travel to a… lot of places saw a lot of things but
What’s important is my experiences in South Africa

I grew up in the 80’s ’76 apartheid baby
Born in exile Cali raised me crazy
Poppa was a revolutionary ex-military
We all paid the cost it’s scary
Left my childhood buried, in an unmarked cemetery
No ashes carried my own casket
Mourn my own death, toured my own hearse
Through the projects, the townships suburbs and ghettos
Power to the people not destined to fail
Lock ‘em up and throw the rest in jail, still prevail
Send me to the front lines please I can’t wait
’88 poppa sent me to the Western Cape
I didn’t understand the language but I understood hate
Gugulethu township different time different place
Teargas in my face I don’t cry for my fist up
Ready to die for those who sacrificed for us
In my life story

[Talking over the Chorus]
I traveled to ah… back to Los Angeles
There’s a lot of things I learned there
That ah… influence my music now
Went back to South Africa around ‘96
But ah… people weren’t really ready for hip hop at the time

I came back to in ’96 ready to give birth to rap
But it was way too pre-mature for these cats
So I took a back seat took it back to the streets
Let my ancestors guide me fulfill prophecy
Bet a million I will not succeed, look at me now
King of Jozi City Durban and Cape Town
But I gracefully reject the crown, with all due respect
I’m a soldier lost in on the epic quest
I don’t wear a vest my soul is bulletproof
MacTrade troops and Q help me get through
AK too walk in my Cali crew
This dedicated to you my fam I love you
Khoisan boys moms and pop duke
Remember just stay true whatever you do
I leave these thoughts for you these words for you
I miss you I love you and I thank you
For being a part of my life

[Talking over the Chorus]
So basically for me, the most important thing was
The people that I met along the way
That truly made me you know who I am, Young Nations
All I’m trying to do now is give back…


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