Limpin’ Remix ft All Stars Lyrics

Stop Complaining Start Entertaining
Hip Hop



Auwww… my name is Showtime Blaklez
I got the new breed with me
Yo… this is the remix
[Chorus] X2
Smooth talk red alert all star pimpin’
Get a job if you don’t walk like you limpin’
Chilled out remix banging it real loud
Ex-girlfriends front but they still down
Ay bring it back one more time
[Flex Boogie]
Boogie walk limp talk slick like a pimp dude
Again the boy upgraded I’m too cool
Loose … no never not me I win
Got the whole of Cap City for my Joburg sins
We laugh at you haters in the game
Sweet savvy from the gear to the way we entertain
Sweat trips when we come in ride out dummy
Niggaz talk tough but we know they all fronting
Why le itshwere snax ke tswa ka tai mag le deck don’t box me
Boy stay cocky tear got rocky
Got your dame in a daze legs spread I’mean…
Your girl swallow me, yeah she love to get to taste
Plus she follow me and I aint got a twitter page
You dudes be hopeless
You not on our level that’s truly bogus
We stay on our grind my crew be focused
G-Star jeans with the Louise loafers
Fitted hat low I might Viesel sag
Yeah I’m looking sharp I’m in my Ginsu swag
And the boy getting airplay I’m moving at a fast pace
My songs getting more spins than a drag race
I’m getting love from the streets from every show I rock
Call me landmine Tido I blow up the spot
Tired of rappers that talk about the dough they got
When that aint the real picture like a photoshop
Joburg I got you…
Pop shots pop off I’m still poppin’ its PDotO
Peep the limp hop and I’m still hi for real low
This aint regular street shit
Niggaz keep talking that regular street shit
Holla at me done I speak slang with a cheese twist
Rappers can’t touch me I’m oozing with style bitch
I’m right here black you know that I’m close to
Blowing the fuck up, I do it for folks who
Represent the truth the booth I go postal
So fall back dunny coz  the streets don’t know you
Ride I’ll let the lip talk switch to the pimp walk
Higher niggaz getting jumped like Kriss Kross
This is real talk I’m still the general
Holding it down now let’s get back to the lip talk
I school niggaz with a verse no problem
New rule so the weak dudes we solving them
It’s official we pistol bangin’ ‘em bangers
And we banging out heat for the hangers on
Breaking these rap folks they break coz I’m that dude
They shake ‘til they can’t move, it’s easy to smash you
Let’s leave it at that dude, I freak it I can’t loose
I’m beasting the track dude, I’m scheming coz cash rules
Smooth talk red alert coco pimping
Moon walk liquor breath so called drinking
Niggaz talk trash but they do do stinking
Botswana to Venda I’m ju ju pimping
I’m not that nigga you’d outclass
Quite similar to Coley The Kid never see me rapping without cash
I get caught with the right stash
I’m in a whip with them rims and the right dash
So y’all cats couldn’t murk me
Only 9 you held was a Neil Tovey jersey
So play easy listen to the words bee
I’m too fly so I hang with the birds
Too fine with them two steps I …
Smooth talk my way get any type dime
International your swag is still local
Touch cross borders and goners know my vocals
My flow tell the truth I don’t even have to prove
Switch bring it back mix the old with the new school
Type cats have some want more
Coz you can’t stop a kid with a passion to score
You aint never see nothing like this before
No way truth won’t set it they found my door
You looking for love play some tennis with Serena
We here to flood the game like multiple Katrinas
R to da…