Lights in the club Lyrics

Nations Uprising
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Lights on, lights off
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off
Lights on, lights off
Turn the lights on, turn the lights off
[Chorus] X 2
Is it me, is it me or the lights in the club
Baby you look nice in the club
Is it me, is it me or the lights in the club
Baby you look dangerous
Excuse me, ntombazana I don’t mean to be rude
But I’m from the townships and we got different rules
Don’t get it confused I’m not trying to crash your mood
I’m just trying to make you shake to a different groove
We can hit the V.I.P for a little conversation
That’s cool with you I got a table for two
I like your strawberry Stoned Cherrie
No offense but is that G-String necessary
Okay, go ahead call your boyfriend on my Nokia cell
And you can tell him goodnight on the way to the hotel
And let me show you how money equals freedom
Most guys are dummies they lie for no reason
We can spend Christmas in Mauritius
Just us and a few close friends that we trust
Brought pills to crash, wait a minute aint no need to rush
Hot to death but you dangerous
[Chorus] X 2
Model C chick coffee cream with tight hips
Licking your lips in your mommy’s A6
Soft like cake mix I get a brick in my jeans
Every time she cross her legs with her palms in between
Mama you Model C, wont you model for me
She makes it harder to breath even harder to leave
She likes hiding my keys and causing a scene
She likes brand new cars and brand new jeans
She like designer labels like Dona Karen
Tattoo on your navel says I love Milan
Hate your mom she don’t understand
Old enough to drive, old enough to get hi
Old enough to hit the club until a quarter to five
Come home with a thug in your daddy’s 4 wheel drive
What daddy don’t know can’t make daddy cry
So I guess it’s just you and I
It’s dangerous …
[Chorus] X2
Who you listening to, who you riding with
When you wake up in the morning who you hi with
When your sister trips tell me who you driving with
Young Nations in cherry red B.M
Soft top match box kusheshe
In Thembisa with tsotsi’s and gintsa’s
Pirates sticker on the side view mirror (Why?)
So when I drive I see the township clearer
TV’s on the head rest watching CNN
Oh oh, oh oh the girls is watching me again
Watch it, in Umtata my girls call me papa
My Swatis call me hey papi
Bouncing in the back seat of a H.S.E
In a 12 car convoy headed to P.E
Hot chicks like A-Marie
Better yet hot chicks like Basotho, Zulu’s and Swati’s
[Chorus] X2

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