Lets wait a while Lyrics

Heads and Tales
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Oh, oh and another one
P.R.O, Sid Money watch out
My boy Nyemz’ let’s take them down one more time
And ah, I hope you find time, you know
To… get your pen and pad take notes
Show you how this shit is done
Never will there ever be another rapper
Better than this rap veteran I’m back
People always wanna know about the flow
How I rock a show never thought I’ll blow
Well I just did, you better just quit
The rebel that’s it, here to stretch shit
Like elastic everlasting with the Draztik
You better ask him
How we go about, rolling this shit out
When we rock a crowd, its without a doubt
That we make ‘em shout, screaming my name out
Saying it out loud
That I’m from the South Western Township
Still where we get down kid
On some true shit, like a two six
I’m here to get me this crown kid
[Chorus] X 2
So sit down, chill, listen and let me (Let me sit down)
Break this shit down for you just like this and (Oh I just don’t play around baby)
Let you know how we go ripping shows (Coz I just don’t believe… I just don’t believe)
With these flows, kept this dough, hard to blow (We not gon’ make it baby)
Here we go…
[Sid Money]
If I make it from the ground up
Pull my own boots straps up
Hustle up, work a 9 to 5 to get my way out
Spit venom like a snake bite
Take the hate I get light
Make it right for my niggaz to be the whole crew really tight
If I coz a little jealousy in this S.A industry
Let it be but don’t forget a.k.a. V.I.C
Pro might be that cat, lacing the track up with vernec
So relax, just chill and move the fuck back
It’s nothing light, it’s a pack made over a dime sack
So the raps speaking truth stick strictly to the facts
Hard words, punchlines, they hit just like face smacks
In the shacks, squatter camps roll deep like army ants
Implants into your brain leave stains full of pane
So maintain a place of reign in this whole goddamn game
[Chorus] X 2
Right, no no no we not done we not done
We are about to get back at it
Let me let you in on a little secret
Can I intervene and just let it be
I’m here to make a scene and keep it wicked
Always with me, while you rappers peep it
Can I play my role while a take control
When I see a hole I’mo’ score my goal
Gotta let you know pour my heart and soul
Witnesses behold the sickness of the flow
Hatred keep getting worse, too sacred for you to make a curse
But to make it you can be the first
But I’ll break it when you here the verse
So play that pediment and having it
Spray that sinner with the element
From way back rapping excellent
Still that J-sec city representative
[Chorus] X 2
… not gon’ make it baby
Let me sit down
Oh I just don’t play around baby
Coz I just don’t believe… I just don’t believe
We not gon’ make it baby…