Let It Go (Freestyle) Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Let it go
You know you cant touch me
I'm still here
You know you cant touch me
So let it go

Blue light in the booth illuminate the dark
Blue mic, act a fool let me cook it up
Black magic, voodoo through the microphone
Foolish with the composition music through my chromosomes
I came back strong, I came back on
I came back POW! shit what a comeback
A nut crack ass crack on your girlfriend
The I nut, come back, now I want my comeback
Cobain music, propane music
Catch me ­lit, set ­fire ­to ­your ­brain music
I never claim I'm king I claim otherwise
Otherwise it's great, I'm great that's my other side
This is greatness, picture paradise living vision
My inscription is the blueprint to your composition
P Dot Blow, Ray Charles blow
I don't trust these hoes 'cause they don't stay true
Walking through the darkness, Christ gives me light still
Lord give me strength 'cause the stage gives me slight chills
God bless the God ­blessed, bars I'mma bump
Devil's tryna crush me 'cause my album ain't dropped yet
What is I to do, what is I to prove
What is I look in my eyes I'm the fucking truth
Oh my, he let the flow go I'm so now
Pose pound for pound I'm cold I'm a grown guy
But don't stop, 'cause I drop you quick with a clothes line
Wash your ass us and fucking hang you by the clothes line
Enough foolery I'm stupid with this artistry
I'm usually composed but fuck it now I'mma choose the beats, POW!

Just let it go
Welcome to greatness

Many nights I lay awake thinking about the great escape
Fuck it, I'm just paranoid and tryna be the next great
I lost my pops at 24, I was never ready
Tears ran dry, water dripping like they broke the levy
Dark skies these dark skies is crippling
The devil still whispers, why the fuck am I still listening
It's not a game it's pain, it's self inflicted
Rearrange my thoughts, of cause I'm a victim
Convince me I'm a victim? Fuck that
I'm a caged just tryna crack the system
My example is a mission
I can be the darkest individual
The turn around and be the light if you need me to
I'm in need of truth, many folks I'm speaking to
Grab the pen, let my thoughts rain in my scribble book
Some say it's tragic, some say it's magic
Only time will tell who's really that sick
My cousin passed in a car crash
This shit really fucked me up he flew outta the car fast
Sometimes I feel like fuck this shit I wasted time
'Til someone on Facebook and Twitter hit me with a line
Like "P, your shit inspiring fam. I was ready to die 'til you was rhyming again"
So I'mma try again, God truly blessed me
Although this fake shit in the game truly stressed me
Everybody know I'm hot, been hot since
So fuck you and your whole fucking crew if you not convinced
I'm comfortable, my aura is boss
Calculated schemes to win, 'til I'm a cocky king
Nobody spits like this
Nobody puts their spirit in a fucking track like this
You talk shit then wonder why I react like this
I'm still hungry, why the hell you think I rap like this
My momma told me I should come back home
But I struggle, 'cause I feel like I'm in my comeback zone
So I'm writing prolifically my calm rap tone
Is on a hundred, grab a bitch then I come back on
Her back, her back slippery a freak in a minute
She believe in me, she heard I'm a beast and I'm vicious
Like damn, dear father will I ever be great
Or am I just another poser trying hard to be Drake
I wonder, will I ever do away wit this pain
Or am I just fooling myself, I'm going insane
My brother is still in need, I pray our father forgive him
I only speak truth in music or else I hold it in
Perpetuate a passion my passion is ever lasting
This painful paradox I'm placed in is tragic
I'm gambling gamble with my life like a game of chess
Nothing really matters 'cause this fame is a lot to stress
And I ain't really famous, maybe hoping to be
Maybe my destiny is to be the fucking hope in the streets
Maybe I'm numb, maybe my heart is cold and I freeze
Or maybe I'm the greatest rapper that could post on a beat
I wonder, dear father I'm speaking the truth
So let them hear me, before my spirit lives in the booth
Like damn, think I'm speaking to my God less
But still gon win so God bless the God­ blessed