Let it flow cover Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Last verse from Shane Eagle
Verse Don
I be Rocking my nike Cortez, so Peep the process, Am on the rise just the phoenix and the dough man, so check this whole verses gotta bring more checks, told Eks, we bout the cheese cos it brings more rats an we cats, perfect meal, bet you Peep the process, an the flow ah shit, pass the point of known viscosity, who the hell is he? Am bout to kill the whole curiosity, surpass your favourite with one verse so put it on repeat. So Peep this beast. Who's never seen a defeat, my catalogue is impeccable when you check in these streets. I beez the hottest mc, if you think am gassed am joshua on these beats. The hustle is bout to drive me to where am supposed to be, like Shane an Co, give a nikka Co sign Shane I bet I'll let it flow

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