Know Me Lyrics

Grootste Platinum Treffers
Song Year: 



You may not stop and hold me
we dont see eye to eye
your arms will not enfold me
Cause your heart wont play the lie
and your promises dont owe me
cause your clouds have all rained dry
and all who say they know me
are the ones who make me hide

I said can't you see
There's much more to me, you say you know me
all of this time
I been losing my mind, you say you know me...

We lose respect in rages
you cant gain love in lies
youve known me for ages
but I often see you cry
and your whispers ain't surprising
'cause you don't know what to say
and it's no good compromising
'cause the hurt wont fly away

Know me...
You may not stop and hold me...
your arms will not enfold me...
can you ever owe me?

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