Keledimo Lyrics


Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Yo don’t believe the hype…wow
Ooh monna dumela… it’s finally happening
This is…  Jabba … incredible baby
Don’t believe the hype ha bare Jabba ke ledimo
O ja bana… o kgodimo… ke senganga
Don’t believe the hype ha bare Jabba ke lehipi
O ja zaka… o ja tshipi… ha e sale majakathata
Don’t believe the hype ha bare Jabba ke …
Lepolotiki beat ja ka le fonotiki
O rata di tshipi o rata ho pusha boromatiki
O kgola matiki, o phola fela ha ngola hiti
O phusha bo-deep, o phusha pina hararo dili
Ke le one hit taker one hit maker
And ah… beat maker booty shaker hip hop faker
And ah… beef hater beat maker SA laker
Get a sweet sweater Jeep getter all time speita
Pele… ke tswelela let me get one thing clear
This will be the reason why I did my thing this year
I rock my own gear, only coz I’m grown from fear
Hold my own spear only coz I own this here
But yo… don’t be scared of my spanza san
I got the whole world eating from my sandla san
And I… I flex muscle like amandla san
So before I run…
Ay yo appeal to the conscious
The paramount the Ceaser’s the monsters
The radio demanders the “Hell of Earth” pumpers
L’s worth bumby Johnson the Harlem ice
The gory ice black as the credit card we swipe
Poppin’ don tonight for all of mines
I can see myself back at the autobahn
Malcolm at the podium, shells drop ‘til ?????
Swipe those place them on display at this ??????
That’s the only gem that was left behind by holy men
Infectious, charisma of those who gave us direction
The anti-sexist resistance against oppression
Progressive thinking, ghetto speakers protesters against the colored only section
To the gene-six-in the cross Nixon the contradiction
The cross the crucifixion the laws to the sinning
All leads back in scripting that it was written
[Chorus] X2