The Journey Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Verse 1
I heard you were coming through/ I’ll be honest I not ready for you/ but it’s cool
come through I’ll start to prepare the room/ shall I make it pink or blue/ I know
it’s unusual/ but maybe we should go with yellow I heard it’s neutral/ I’m being
brave for the sake of everyone involved/ but truth is I’m a little afraid of what’s
going on/ i haven’t even told your grand moms/ don’t think I’m a coward I just
communicate better through my songs/ but for this one I spent so much time in
the booth/ trying to choose which lines are the truth/ deciding on which flow
which rhyme I should use/ developing like you 9 months in the womb/ I just told
your grand parents and they’re quite cool/ they’re being supportive, but they
wanna know what I’m gon do/ i guess the song “will you marry me” came true/
I have to make a family for you/
Verse 2
Now the word is out and everybody knows/ besides your mom’s stomach is
beginning to show/ that’s you in there beginning to grow/ the doctor says you’re
due in June that’s couple of months to go/ there are days I get exited and start
thinking of names/ days I get embarrassed and I’m ashamed/ days I wish I could
go back and change this, but I’m a man and I must rise to the occasion/ but rest
assured/ your little future’s secured/ and everything I’ve worked hard for is all
yours/ you’ll be delivered but the best doctor I can afford/ I’m already going all
out and you not even born/ A lot of things have to change/ for one I have a lot
more to think about when I step on stage/ now I actually have to save/ and by
the way I just proposed to your moms and we’re engaged.
Verse 3 
I’ll be 25 by the time you arrive/ and on the 20th Jan I made you moms my wife/
and I did it just in time/ so by the time you get baptized you’ll have both your
parents by your side/ It takes a boy to make a baby/ but it takes a man to be a
farther and a good husband to his lady/ I’m tryina raise you but I’m thinking
maybe/ it’s the other way around and your arrival has raised me/ I’m anxious,
nervous and overjoyed/ so many people love you, you already spoiled/ I wanted
to start buying toys/ but I guess I’m gon have to wait and see if you’re a girl or a
boy/ hold on, I’ve just been struck by reality/ I just realized that I’m gonna be
changing nappies/ I just realized that I’m happily married/ just like that, I’m a
husband and a daddy.

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