Izass Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Izass, Izass, Izass, Izasss
Izass, Izass, Izasss


Drop it, jump it, pop it, lock it
Jump it, drop it, pop it, lock it
Okay now stop it (Stop it x 4)
Before I hit that
Matter of fact
Drop it, shake that Izass

She ain't got face but I like it for the Izass
Yes i skirt si gran mfana kodwa ngibheke' iZass
Izass x 4 (Now shake that Izass)

[Verse 1]
Hayi ngeke
I don't understand
The way she move it
Damn she's really going H.A.M
Put it all up
Put it all down
Girl ungasabi
You're the hottest in the club
It's cause o' dat Izass
Hawema she's so blessed
God damn that dress
Not stiff but all you need is Izass


[Verse 2]
Couldn't help but see that ass drop
Shake shake like a bottle
How that ass pop
Frame little nje nge ngidi
How that waist lock
Got the same dribble in the middle
Got my path blocked
I like the way she jerkin
Spin it all around
drop it low when she's twerkin


[Verse 3]
Sexy can I
Show you that I
Love the way you wobble that bun
Mus' uk'yeka
You can call the shots
I'mo get the Jagger
Only grindin'
Don Cheesy till I Mega
I'm playing with that thing like SEGA
She beat it like a drum while I'm brushing like a painter