It's Not What It Seems Lyrics

The Inside
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As I look to the side
All I see is a man who’s been lying to me
But he’s holding my hand and he
Honest to God
He honest to God believes that he’s helping me see
But I know it’s not what it seems
‘Cause I know where he’s been

As I look to the floor
I can see the footsteps and we’ve walked here before
But I’m following blindly down
These empty streets
These crippled feet were not made for this chore
But I still ask for more

I see the stars in my eyes
Is it just you and I?
The worm in my heart
And a life that won’t start

As I look to the sky
I can see a man that I chose to deny
And I’m asking him quietly
Who is your God?
And who left these scars?
Is it you that I need?
But I still don’t believe

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